Doctor Theses

Master Theses

  • Petr Andreevich Mishchenko (2017)
    Thermodynamic properties of the Kitaev model on a hyperoctagon lattice: Large-scale Monte Carlo study [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Yusuke Sugita (2016)
    Theoretical Study of Electronic and Transport Properties Induced by Spontaneous Parity Breaking [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Haruhiko Sanjo (2016)
    Theoretical study of electron correlations on a two-dimensional Penrose lattice [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Amane Uehara (2015)
    Theoretical Study of Charge-Spin-Orbital Fluctuations of Mixed Valence Spinels [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Osamu Nishimoto (2014)
    Slave-boson mean-field study of strongly-correlated metals near the Mott transition [Absract] [TOC]
  • Ryo Ozawa (2014)
    Space-resolved analysis of surfaces, domains, and defects in noncoplanar phases of the Kondo lattice model [Absract] [TOC]
  • Koji Inui (2013)
    Mean-field Study of Magnetic Phase Diagrams of a Kagome Hubbard Model [Absract] [TOC]
  • Satoru Hayami (2012)
    Partial Disorder in the Periodic Anderson Model on a Triangular Lattice [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Yutaka Akagi (2011)
    Emergence of spin-chirality order and anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnetic Kondo-lattice systems with geometrical frustration [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Hiroaki Ishizuka (2011)
    Numerical Study on the Effect of Quantum Fluctuation on Geometrically-Frustrated Systems with Ice-Rule Local Constraint [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Kyoya Nakamikawa (2010)
    Theoretical Study on Partial Kondo Screening in Kondo Latice Systems with Geometrical Frustration (in Japanese) [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Junki Yoshitake (2010)
    Release of Frustration by Cluster Formation via Orbital Degree of Freedom (in Japanese) [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Toyohiro Kajiyama (2009)
    Numerical Studies on Phase Separation and Nanoscale Inhomogeneity in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems [Abstract] [TOC]
  • Hiroshi Uchigaito (2009)
    Competition among charge, spin, and orbital degrees of freedom and metal-insulator transitions in triangular -lattice systems ANiO2 (A=Na, Li, Ag) [Abstract] [TOC]